Dr. Gillespie has been providing root canal therapy to Fort Worth and the surrounding area for over twenty years.  The goal of our office, Trinity Endodontics, is simple- to save teeth and help you keep them for as long as possible and hopefully your entire life.  The goal may be simple but getting that result can be complex and difficult.  Implants are a wonderful development in Dentistry and they are a part of our armamentarium, however we feel that natural teeth are the best option if at all possible.  Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care while caring for you with gentleness and trying to provide the best dental experience.  We use the latest techniques and technology to help ensure your treatment is both successful and comfortable.  While we are not in network with any insurance companies, we can work with PPO insurance plans and will verify and provide you with all information prior to your treatment.  We also accept all major credit cards, Care Credit, cash and check.



Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy removes diseased pulp tissue from the tooth to alleviate pain and infection.

Root Canal Retreatment

 Sometimes a tooth that has had root canal treatment can become infected again.


Sometimes if a tooth has had a root canal that fails, it can be saved by a surgical procedure called apicoectomy. 

Digital X-Rays

Our office is equipped with the latest digital x-ray equipment. 

Bone Grafting 

There are several types of bone grafts. Your dentist will determine the best type for your particular condition.

Root Amputation

 In the case of some molar teeth, which have multiple roots, one root may be cracked but the others are fine and intact.

Cracked Tooth

 As people retain their natural teeth longer because of advances in dental technology, the likelihood of cracked teeth increases.

Military Discount

We offer a 5% discount to all active or retired military members who do no have dental insurance.

Carestream Cone Beam Scanner

For the Granbury office, we have acquired the scanner for the Granbury office so that we can continue to provide the highest level of care for our endodontics patients.  We also use operating microscopes in all our treatments to obtain the best results in both non-surgical and surgical endodontics.

Dr. Ray Gillespie

I am pleased to announce that I have a new associate, Francisco Nieves, who will be able to staff our Granbury office and extend our commitment to Granbury beyond the one day a week we are open now.  I am at the location on Tuesdays providing Endodontic treatment and going forward Francisco will be there on Wednesday and Thursdays allowing us to provide Endodontic coverage for three full days each week.

Frank is a local guy, having grown up in southwestern Fort Worth.  He attended college at Saint Bonaventure University on a swimming scholarship after which he received his DDS from the UT School of Dentistry in Houston (we called it the Dental Branch when I went there back in the day).  After dental school he completed endodontics specialty training at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and the following year was certified and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontists.  Dr. Nieves practiced for two years in Fort Worth prior to joining Trinity Endodontics in Granbury.

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Dr. Gillespie started his practice in Fort Worth in 1997.  He is dedicated to providing excellent endodontic treatment.  He holds a very strong and professional relationship with many dentist in the area who refer their patients to him.  Dr. Gillespie's priority is making sure you and your referring dentist are satisfied with your treatment.  

As a member of the Military, Dr. Gillespie began his dental career in the US Navy.  After 10 years of General dentistry and three years of Endodontic practice while stationed in Europe, Japan, and Guam, he retired and completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Texas Health Science center of Houston.  He then proceeded with a two year Endodontic residendency at Northwestern University Dental School, Chicago, Illinois.

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