When the nerves and blood vessels in a tooth, usually referred to as the “pulp,” become inflamed or infected, root canal treatment can be performed to preserve the tooth and avoid extraction and loss of the natural tooth. Endodontic therapy or “root canal treatment” removes the infected or inflamed tissue from the inside of the tooth and thus relieves the pain and eliminates the source of the infection. Most root canal treatments can be accomplished in one visit to our endodontist after which the patient will return to their general dentist to complete the restoration of the tooth which usually will be accomplished by placing a crown on the tooth to protect it and restore it to its original form.

Though many people have the perception that root canal treatment is painful, our endodontist will ensure that your experience will be comfortable. There are many techniques available that Dr. Ray Gillespie can use to provide complete anesthesia for the tooth and less anxiety for the patient.

We encourage you to call Trinity Endodontics if you have any questions about root canal therapy in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas. Our goal is to help our patients find relief and we are happy to help by providing this endodontic treatment.