Surgical Microscope

At Trinity Endodontics, Dr. Ray Gillespie uses a surgical microscope for all his procedures. This allows our endodontist to see tiny imperfections or cracks that may be missed using the naked eye or dental loupes (a typical binocular device used by general dentists that is worn on the head).
Attached to a movable arm, the surgical microscope can be adjusted as needed during treatment, allowing for ease of use and mobility as our endodontist and team conduct procedures. Because this device uses a high intensity light and precise magnification, our endodontist can view your teeth in more detail, which allows for a much better treatment outcome for patients.
Surgical microscopes can be used to:
• Make more accurate diagnoses
• Detect unseen anomalies in a tooth
• Provide optical accuracy
Additionally, since the surgical microscope is hands-free and nonintrusive, patients can remain comfortable during endodontic therapy. Our goal is to ensure our patients receive the care they deserve, helping relieve discomfort and providing healing for their smile.
We welcome any questions about our care and equipment and invite you to learn more about the surgical microscopes we use in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, by calling our office. Need endodontic care? Schedule an appointment with our team today.