What is Root Amputation?

Root Amputation is a procedure that is performed on the back molars of the mouth and is reserved for teeth that have multiple roots. If one root is diseased but the rest are healthy, the diseased or damaged root can be removed, leaving the tooth with two healthy roots to retain its stability and health.

Why Receive a Root Amputation?

Common reasons for this procedure include:

  • If the structure of the tooth root is fractured.
  • If gum disease has degraded the bone around one of the roots, exposing it to potential damage or infection.

What to Expect:

Trinity Endodontics is committed to providing gentle, thorough care for our patients. We provide anesthesia to numb the affected area during treatment, so patients feel comfortable and at ease as we see to their needs. We encourage and invite patients to ask questions. Our endodontist and team will be happy to walk through the process with you, so you know what to expect during the procedure and after, during recovery.

If you need this endodontic treatment, please schedule a consultation at our office with our endodontist, Dr. Ray Gillespie, by calling us. Learn more about root amputation in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, today.