Intentional Replantation

Traditionally, when root canal therapy fails, most endodontists use an apicoectomy or root canal retreatment to surgically remove infected root tissue from the gums up. There is, however, a more intensive alternative called intentional replantation.

What Is Intentional Replantation?

Intentional replantation is a surgical procedure where the entire tooth is removed and treated extraorally. This allows our endodontist to inspect the tooth and its root structure while applying antibacterial medicine as needed to different areas and/or placing a filling over the tips of the tooth roots.

After the tooth and gum socket have been treated, the tooth is returned to its place in the mouth, where it undergoes a healing period.

When Is Intentional Replantation Used?

This endodontic treatment is used as a last resort to save the tooth after exhausting traditional methods, such as root canal retreatment or an apicoectomy. Due to its difficulty, intentional replantation is not an option for cracked teeth. If this treatment fails to heal the tooth, permanent tooth extraction is the outcome.

If you suspect you may need intentional replantation in Fort Worth and Granbury, Texas, we invite you to call Trinity Endodontics and schedule a consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable endodontist, Dr. Ray Gillespie.