Normally, a root canal and a crown are the only treatments you need to address an infected tooth. But in some cases, the tooth may not heal correctly, or there may be a new infection that develops deep in the root of your tooth. The root is what holds your tooth in place, and your molars and premolars have multiple roots. If your infection occurs in one of the roots, our endodontist may suggest treating you with an apicoectomy to help you avoid an extraction and restore your oral health.

During an apicoectomy, we will access the tip of your tooth root through a small incision in your gums. We will remove the tip along with any infection that we may find. Once that is finished, we will seal the end of the root, and we may suture the gum tissue in place. Our endodontist and team will do everything possible to ensure your comfort during your visit and help you understand your aftercare needs.