Root Canal Therapy in Fort Worth and Granbury, TX

A root canal is a tooth-saving dental procedure that helps patients get out of pain, treats dental infections, and preserves your tooth’s natural structure.  Unfortunately, root canals get a bad reputation, as many patients don’t realize that untreated dental infections lead to tooth extraction, which can be complicated and costly.  At Trinity Endodontics, we provide affordable root canal therapy in Fort Worth, TX to help you keep your natural teeth, and enjoy improved oral health.

Root Canal Therapy in Fort Worth, TXWhen to Seek Root Canal Therapy

When you have an infected tooth, or worse – a pocket of infection (called an abscess) - root canal surgery clears the infection and preserves your teeth.

Indications of an infection can include:

• Swelling of gums
• Tenderness at the infection site
• Tooth pain
• Bleeding gums
• Persistent bad taste in your mouth

However, signs and symptoms of an infected tooth or an abscess aren’t always obvious. If you have a tooth that has “died” – material inside your tooth has become damaged and needs to be removed – you may have a latent infection that does not produce pain or other tell-tale signs of serious dental concerns. These low-grade infections are dangerous, as they often go unnoticed and can spread, causing bone loss and other serious issues.

The best way to know if you need a root canal is to seek dental care often, or as soon as possible in the event of discomfort. Keeping routine dental appointments allows your primary dentist to spot any potential issues, and refer you to our Fort Worth endodontic office if you need root canal therapy.

What it's Like to Get a Root Canal

The experience of getting a root canal is really no different than any other moderate dental treatment. Many of Dr. Gillespie’s patients are surprised at how comfortable the procedure is, and how their expectations differ so greatly from what’s involved in actual treatment.

We use nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, and local anesthetic to make sure that your root canal therapy is as painless Root Canal Therapy in Fort Worthas possible. Treatment time usually lasts around an hour, and we welcome patients to bring music and headphones to enjoy while being treated. Root canals performed at our office are done with a microscope and a camera – so you can see, and be comfortable with, exactly what Dr. Gillespie is doing during treatment.

Failed Root Canal? Our Fort Worth Endodontist Offers Root Canal Re-Treatment

If you’ve had a root canal performed elsewhere that has led to re-infection, Dr. Gillespie can help. You don’t necessarily need to have your natural tooth removed in the event of a failed root canal. We provide root canal re-treatment, and only consider extraction a last-choice solution. Our goal is to help you keep your own teeth and natural dentition.

If you are experiencing signs of a tooth infection, it’s important to see your general dentist for diagnosis and referral. Dr. Gillespie and his team provide affordable, comfortable root canals in Fort Worth for patients suffering from infection, abscesses, and dead teeth. For root canal surgery in Fort Worth, please contact our endodontic office today for more information about how we can help. If you have any questions about root canal surgery, view our FAQ's page.